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On days where I am myself , I am a follower of Jesus Christ and an unabashed nerd. I sing when I'm happy, sing when I'm sad, and use music to make this world a more beautiful place.
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Meet Emmett and Owen, the precious newborn sons of my friend Dave and his wife Jenni.  These beautiful boys need a lot of help, because they are conjoined at the abdomen and lower chest.

Their doctors are pretty confident that a separation surgery will be successful, but that surgery cannot happen until the boys are at least six months old.  In the meantime, they have to stay at the hospital.  It’s unlikely that they’ll get to go home before 2014.

UPDATE: The doctors have decided the boys must be separated sooner rather than later.  Owen’s fluid output has been steadily decreasing, and Emmett’s kidneys are working overtime for both of them.  Both boys will be in trouble if something isn’t done soon.  They are both intubated and will probably stay that way until the surgery.  Separation surgery is tentatively scheduled for August 5, 2013.  See The Ezell Twins blog for more details.  

Dave and Jenni’s hospital bills have already gone through the roof, and there is no way they can afford to keep their sons in the hospital without help.  Dave’s mom has set up a trust for anyone who wishes to donate.  This is where Tumblr comes in.  Please, please, will you do one or both of these things?

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  2. Contribute financially to help out the Ezell family 

Dave and Jenni are incredibly deserving of our help.  They have already sacrificed so much for the sake of their family.  Tumblrites, please spread the word! 

How to contribute

The Ezell Twins Blog

Contact the Ezell Family

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